Commands Reference Sheet

Learning to program in rails using Pragmatic Studios Rails I course. I came close to completing it just over a year ago. I’m hoping to plow through it and use the details to create my Game Con app.  Every once in a while I need to reference some commands for the command line. Just going to use this post as a quick reference sheet.

Initiate a new rails project
rails new project_name

Initiate rails server
rails s

Load project in Sublime
subl .

The Beginning, Again

I think I’ve written this post a million times. Thinking of re-creating it leaves me unsettled because it tells me that I am starting this yet again. That I have some how failed on previous starts. Will this become a pattern that I can’t break. The pattern of starting a blog and learning to code only to get frustrated and give up? Who knows. Will it be fun and exciting or just lead to frustration? We’ll see. I do know that I need to be committed, probably to an institute, and that I need to keep going. It’s all about perseverance!


How fun would it be if I didn’t outline some goals…

  1. Blog 2-3 times a week
  2. Learn Ruby on Rails
  3. Complete a project
  4. Consistently attend Ruby users group meetings
  5. Get paid as a software developer

You’re welcome to join me on my journey. I’m sure it will be an interesting one.